Feite Enterprises Offers Business Sale Services, as well as, Growth, Marketing and Exit Strategy Solutions

Performance based results. Customized solutions.

How can you get your business to get that extra 10 to 20% of business value or profit growth? How can you  stretch out the last couple years of cash flow prior to your sale? Maybe you need an immediate growth plan prior to selling your company or just want to get your business to the next level. Feite Enterprises has you covered. Our services are designed to quickly grow your businesses profits and value. Our results are quantified and executed through our process driven solutions. 

Our companies competitive advantage comes through delivering alternative "last mile of business" solutions for you, the business owner. We confidentially work outside of your business operations to enhance your company profits and business asset value. Our TEAM is made up of a STAR GROUP of specialists, all collectively working under one umbrella. We work very efficiently and have expert level resources in a number of business specialties. These solutions are designed around the needs of every business owner. This is especially useful for those owners who need total confidentiality when discussing sensitive new or exiting strategies, outside of their own employees or family. 

We offer month to month services so there are no excuses to trying us. You can fire us at anytime. Feite Enterprises offers the unique ability to be a hybrid solution to selling the business, managing the business or growing profits quickly. It costs you nothing to ask questions.

Our company aims to create value, add greater profits and provide "REAL" liquidity solutions.


Expert Services

Areas of Expertise - Menu of Services

♦ Mergers and Acquisitions - Confidentially Selling Your Business

♦ Strategic Growth Planning - Real Results Through Real Work

♦ Operational Streamlining - That Adds Real Quantifiable Value

♦ Valuations - That Measure Actual Value - not "rule of thumb"

♦ Marketing Strategies - That Work in Today's World - Includes Social and Digital

♦ Profit Expansion - New Opportunities

♦ Operating Cost Reduction

♦ Business Startups & Turnarounds

♦ Business Development & Networking

♦ Raising Capital and Debt Restructuring